SIBGRAPI 2018 Workshop of Works in Progress (WIP)


Timeline of Important Dates
Jul 09th
Aug 30th
Submission deadline
(hard deadline)
Aug 20th
Sep 25th
Notification of acceptance
Oct 2nd Camera-ready due

Accepted papers

Boolean operations on quad meshes
Alex Hernandez, Claudio Esperança, Nico Pietroni e Paolo Cignoni

Hand pose estimation for injured hands
Luciano W. X. Cejnog, Roberto Marcondes Cesar, Teofilo E. de Campos e Valéria Elui

A Structural Graph-Based Method for MRI Analysis<
Mateus Riva, Larissa de Oliveira Penteado, Roberto Marcondes Cesar, Marcelo Straus Takahashi, Lisa Suzuki e Carlos Moreira

An Approach to Navigation in Outdoor and Indoor Environments with Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Using Visual Topological Map<
Paulo P. H. F. Honório Filho, Suan Pires Pinheiro da Silva, Jefferson Silva, Leandro B. Marinho, Tiago Carneiro, Antonio Wendell de O. Rodrigues e Pedro P Rebouças Filho

Indoor Depth Image Segmentation for Navigation
Victor Cangelosi de Lima e Maurício Marengoni

Evaluation of Segmentation Methods Based on Classification Patterns for Micro-Tomography Applications in Rock Analysis
Gustavo J. Q. Vasconcelos, Giovanna Antonieti, Gustavo Libel, Paola Rosa, Nathaly Archilha, Tiago Carvalho, Helio Pedrini e Thiago Vallin Spina

Automatic Gym Workout Recognition Using Wearable Devices
Davi F. Beltrão, Antonio C. Nazare e William R. Schwartz

Evaluation of Convolutional Neural Networks for Raw Food Texture Classification under Variations of Lighting Conditions
Carolina Toledo Ferraz, Tamiris T. N. Borges, Adriane Cavichiolli, Adilson Gonzaga e Jose Hiroki Saito

Identificação automática de pichação a partir de imagens urbanas
Eric K. Tokuda, Claudio Silva e Roberto Cesar Junior

On the usage of U-Net: a framework for pre-processing document images
Diandra A. A. Kubo, Tiago Nazaré, Priscila Aguirr, Felipe Duarte e Bruno Oliveira

Análise Granulométrica de Fertilizantes por Processamento Digital de Imagens
Julio O. Mendonça

Call for Works in Progress

Dear authors, the submission deadline has been postponed. We will be posting instructions for paper submission in the next days.

The Workshop of Works in Progress (WiP) is a forum for discussing ongoing innovative research projects under development, development from lab to industry applications and general technical information in all areas of Computer Graphics, Image Processing, Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision. Graduate students are encouraged to submit their research projects. The accepted papers will be presented in a poster session.

Selection criteria

The submitted works will be evaluated by the WiP program committee considering the following criteria: compliance to the proposed themes, technical quality, contribution to the research/industrial area and clarity.

Instruction to the authors

Papers must be have a maximum of 4 pages, including all figures and references. All submissions must be in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) and must comply with the SIBGRAPI formatting guidelines.

  • Papers can be submitted in English, Portuguese or Spanish. Texts in Portuguese or Spanish must also include an abstract in English before the abstract in Portuguese/Spanish.
  • Names of the authors must be omitted during the review process, according to the anonymity requirement for the article reviewing process.
  • The acceptance of a work implies that at least one of its authors will register for the conference and will present it.
  • The posters must fit in a space of 95cm (width) x 210cm (height). A1 format, portrait orientation, is recommended. Posters must have a hanger on its top.

Instructions for paper submission

The paper submissions must be done through CMT system.

  1. Please create an account, then log in (using your user name and password)
  2. Select your profile on the top menu
  3. Click in "All Conferences" Tab and write the name of your Workshop ( ex. SIBGRAPI 2018 Workshop of Works in Progress, or just SIBGRAPI) and locate your Workshop
  4. The Author Console will Show up
  5. Click in the button "Create a new submission" to continue
  6. Submit
  7. Observation: The CMT system will assign a paper ID. If you want to insert it in your paper, you can edit it and replace the previous version, otherwise you can leave it in blank.


Caroline Mazetto Mendes, Universidade Positivo, Brazil
Henrique Costa, Universidade Federal do Paraná, Brazil
Marta Estela Mejail, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina