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Living and Studying in the state of PanarĂ¡’s capital Curitiba is a unique experience. The city is well organized and has a great diversity of activities. The Universidade Federal do ParanĂ¡ (UFPR) is the oldest university in Brazil, with fourteen campi, and is also one of the best universities in Latin-America. Our lab, Imago, is proudly part of this major university, with 20 years of existence.

The Imago group has three laboratories located in the computer science department (DINF) of the university. Each lab is equipped with modern devices and a great infrastructure. Some of our equipment includes powerful servers, computers for all members, 3D printers , depth camera, range scanners, etc.

Our lab is growing every day. We seek talented and curious students interested in education and research. We kindly invite you to apply for a position at this lab and be part of our big family. For more information contact us.

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