Projeto FootScanAge


The FootScanAge project was created to automatically estimate the gestational age of newborns. This task is performed by the computational analysis of image features extracted from the newborn plantar surface.

This project is a collaborative effort between Informatic and Pediatric Departments at the Universidade Federal do Parana. The FootScanAge system is composed by four main modules: the image processing tool, the data mining tool, database and web interface.

The database was developed to provide complementary information to support the gestational age estimation and many other researches of pediatric and neonatology areas.

The modules had been integrated into two basic tools: FootScanAgeDesktop (image processing and data mining) and FootScanAgeWeb (database and web interface).

To guarantee proper evaluation and evolution of the project we developed an Open Source and Java based Decision Support System. To make possible the implementation of the image processing tool, many Java-based and free libraries were combined. The applied Image Processing algorithms were developed based on the JAI (Java Advanced Imaging) framework.

The FootScanAgeWeb module was created to alow users to quickly obtain information about mother, gestational age, newborns, clinical treatments, birth conditions and so on.

Module of obtaining and search of images

Module of image processing

Module of data mining