3D Virtual Museum Project


Get the new version of the plugin clicking here.


The Project

The system for visualization of 3D Virtual Museum has a main objective the development of a computational platform allowing fast and secure access to 3D models of objects of natural and cultural collections. From a plugin, especially designed for web browsers, the user of the system can view the 3D models in detail using a set of tools with high interactivity.

For details visit: http://www.imago.ufpr.br/museu3d/en_index.html.


Instructions for Visualization of 3D Virtual Museum

This is the preview page of the contents of demonstration of the 3D Virtual Museum. Before viewing the models, follow the instructions on access to content.


Minimum Requirements

• Linux or Windows Operating System

• Mozilla Firefox Web Browser

• Video card on-board

• Plugin to view the 3D models

• Registration in the page

NOTE: If you access the Internet through a Proxy, make sure the port 15923 is open in Firewall.



To access the 3D models is necessary that the plugin is installed in your browser.

Click here to get the plugin.



To access the 3D models it needs to be done a registration. The registration can be done by accessing the Register section on the menu alongside. For registration is necessary to inform:

• Full name

• Login (user name)

• Password

• E-mail

After the registration, with the plugin installed, you will can choose the 3D models for viewing. When choosing a 3D model, you need to come with login and password for access. Once that's done, other 3D models can be viewed as you'll already be logged in the system